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Thank you for your interest in the Integrated Empath Academy. We are currently filled until June 2019. If you are ready to receive guidance, click below to connect with Karyn for additional opportunities.

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    Here's what powerful empaths are saying...

    about the Integrated Empath Academy & accessing their inner power:

    "I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Karyn for her mentoring and clearing work. I have more courage now and am seeing more serendipitous moments and divine inspiration show up in the opportunities that come to me. Karyn has helped me to remove blocks that were preventing me from using all my talents to create my Energy Healing Business."

    - Paulette Gallanis

    "The Integrated Empath is the first course to allow me to get to the root issues holding me back from truly embracing myself, warts and all. Karyn has a blessed ability to help me to stop using excuses to mask my insecurities."

    - Debra Lee James, BSN, RN

    "I had reached a point where I knew I couldn't progress without help. I finally have the tools and knowledge to make clearer, inspired intuitive choices for a better life. I have more courage to stand in my own light because I now see how bright it shines. Taking Karyn's program will open a whole new world where you can learn to not let any kind of blocks get in your way. If you've ever wished for an angel guide, you'll find one in Karyn. Kind in her honesty and direct in guidance when needed, she is an amazingly gifted empath with intelligent, heart-centered leadership."

    - Jen

    "Karyn's intuitive guidance and expertise with flower essences gave me the confidence to speak up and say what needed to be said both in my professional and personal relationships. And to my surprise and relief... most of my bolder statements were received much better than I had anticipated! I wanted to shift my psychotherapy practice to work exclusively with empathic children, but was worried about losing clients. After following the steps in the program, I was able to confidently lead this change in my business, and ended up receiving more clients than I could fit into my schedule. I am now expanding my business to create programs that will educate other psychotherapists on how to incorporate art therapy into their practices. I now know my worth, am confident in my purpose, and speak my truth. I am a pro at self care and am able to set boundaries and stick to them."

    - Lisa

    "Karyn is one of the most supportive and caring coaches that I have ever worked with. She encourages you with kindness and compassion and always has thoughtful and relevant insights. I highly recommend Karyn as an intuitive coach for empaths and sensitive people. Her guidance and encouragement with setting healthy boundaries helped me to feel empowered in my relationships.

    Karyn helped me in understanding energies (my own and other people's) and how to navigate them. Her intuitive support and direction helped me focus on my own needs and wants, so I could finally take steps towards living my life's purpose. After learning how to trust my intuition, I manifested a scholarship for my daughter to attend a prestigious private school and landed a higher position in my company with more pay and less stress-within just three months. I am so grateful."

    - JD

    Powerful transformation in six month's time from start to finish with the vision, means, and support to follow it through.

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    Here's what The Integrated Empath Academy covers:

    Energetic Fitness
    Learn how to manage your own energy, so you can modulate external input and maximize your capacity to create. Develop emotional intelligence and body awareness to gauge your health, relationships, career, and new opportunities, so that you only give your attention to what you actually wish to change. Practice assertiveness and setting love-centered boundaries, so you can feel good about your choices and devote your energy to what matters most.

    Intuitive Awareness
    Discover your intuitive strengths and relax into communicating your desires and receiving feedback from your internal wisdom, the universe, and your support team. Recognize signals and interpret messages in a variety of forms. Use your intuition to navigate all areas of life and make it REAL by taking aligned action.

    Conscious Manifestation
    Design your dreams with confidence and get aligned results. Use your powerful energy to draw on all of your resources (seen and unseen) to create results. Release limiting ways of being, so you can stay true to your intentions. Expand your energy to confidently allow your dreams to manifest.

    Here's what The Integrated Empath Academy includes:

    Weekly LIVE Group Energy Activation & Training Calls

    Three Live Group Training Calls per month. The power of these calls is both tangible and beyond description. Karyn Kulenovic combines powerful energy transmissions with practical step-by-step lessons and exercises.


    All of Karyn's curriculum is scaffolded in a progression that will facilitate awareness and mastery of your energetic fitness, intuitive power, and manifestation skills. You will receive a consistent plan that works over a period of time. So that you can integrate the information and solidify the practices into your everyday life. Karyn is adept at working with the energy and dynamic of each group, and tailoring each meeting to meet the needs of the collective. You will leave each training session with an infusion of energy, a sense of connection, and specific strategies to implement moving forward.

    Private Energy Alignment & Personal Coaching Sessions

    Six Private Sessions with Karyn Kulenovic to keep you on track with your energy and goals. Karyn will support you in re-aligning your energy from within, so you can get results without compromising your sensitive nature or being held back by it.


    When you get stuck, scared, or overwhelmed, Karyn is a powerful intuitive guide, supportive coach, and energy worker. Modalities you can take advantage of are Usui Reiki, Custom Bach Flower Essences, as well as intuitive energy work. Karyn will provide you with individualized private support so you can navigate your next steps with confidence.

    Support Forum

    You will NOT get left behind! This is a safe, confidential, 24/7 virtual space exclusive to each cohort, where you connect with your colleagues and mentors in the program. We value quality over quantity and foster authentic connection among all of our members. You will get both practice and support as you move through each phase of the process, and share specific experiences that are challenging and FUN! You can depend on a support network every step of the way to inspire you to stay on track when you get stuck AND will celebrate your success.

    Virtual Retreat (Jan 2019)

    Receive intensive healing and guidance with Karyn and her Integrated Empath Team to uplevel your goals and intentions for the new year.

    Transform your experience from average to aligned, live your greater purpose & bring your dreams to life!

    In 6 months, get to know your authentic power and the infinite possibilities that can manifest in opportunities, relationships, money and visibility as you finally decide it's your time to live your inner truth and live abundantly.


    Do it in a community of other transformational leaders activating their inner power & creating impact for good. Make friends and colleagues for life & manifest experiences that you always dreamed possible.

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    You are meant to Live Authentically, Powerfully & Abundantly!

    You aren't meant to do this alone. You can receive the guidance and support required to BE that version of you that is on-purpose and enjoys the freedom lifestyle you've always wanted. 

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